Add this device to your devices under your developer account that you use to build the application. for iOS 8 device: Open Settings on your device, go to Developer and Enable UI Automation; Android emulator: android must be installed and environmental variables set up. Type in the command prompt: C:> android …

How to get unique device hardware id in Android? - Stack The above is from the link @ Is there a unique Android device ID? More specifically, Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID. This is a 64-bit quantity that is generated and stored when the device first boots. It is reset when the device is wiped. ANDROID_ID seems a good choice for a unique device identifier. There are downsides: First, it is not 100% How to get device id in android? - Mar 22, 2019 2 Easy Ways To Find Android Device ID and Change It

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Now We will see the Difference Between Android ID & Device ID of Android Phone Android ID : ANDROID_ID is a 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is RANDOMLY GENERATED on the device's first boot and should remain constant for the lifetime of the device. (The value may change if a factory reset is performed on the device.) Device ID : Returns the ANDROID - Is there a unique Android device ID - Learn in Apr 01, 2017 Find Device ID for Exchange Activsync - Android Forums

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