Dec 18, 2016 · HMAX is group of bilogocal-inspired models since 1999. the first model was as the follwing figure in 1999 then several

Dec 18, 2016 Code/Datasets | Poggio Lab hmin: A Minimal HMAX Implementation. This is a simple reference implementation of HMAX, meant for illustration. It is a single-threaded, CPU-based, pure C++ implementation (but still called via MATLAB's "mex" interface). The package contains C++ classes for layers and filters, and a main program that assembles them to implement one specific [BEST] Acrylic Transparent Betta Fish - offers 706 hmax products. such as free samples.

Thermoelectric Cooler-Heat Pump Energy & Buildings 187 (2019) 163-172 Prof. HoSung Lee WMU 1

Qmax to 500m3/h, Hmax to 80m, hot oil pump, max temp 350C degree. II-o Sludge Oil Centrifugal WYXH pump. Qmax to 6m3/h, Hmax to 20m, sludge oil pump for incinerator. II-p. Centrifugal EHS Pump. Qmax to 300m3/h, Hmax to 70m, coupling type, similar to Taiko EHS. II-q. Centrifugal TMC Pump.

377-500L Jebao Aquarium Pump. 1. Production information Synchronous motor Power consumption (watts)5Delivery volume Q max .(m)400Delivery head H max .(m)0.65Outlet connection5/16 1/2Flow control Vortex impeller