Your Twitter Data. Your Twitter data includes all the information Twitter holds about you, including search history, the celebrities you like, your movie preferences, political preferences, sports preferences and career and general information. Twitter now provides an option for you to request an archive of this information. We will explain how

Jul 12, 2020 · For example: if you have searched for “Android” on the Twitter app, then it will not be shown in the web version of your Twitter account. It will be shown to you on the Twitter app only. Saved Search. Saved searches are searches that you have saved on Twitter. Each Twitter account can have up to twenty-five saved searches. Keep your time-line clean. TweetEraser is a simple web based tool, designed to help you filter and delete your bulk Tweets on an easy way. Just try TweetEraser. Load/Import your Tweets, even your whole archive, filter them and delete the results with almost one click. Use TweetEraser on almost all of your devices. App development is in progress. Jul 13, 2020 · Should you delete the TikTok app — or force your kids to? To answer that, we need to follow the data. Support our journalism. Subscribe today.

Download Tweet Cleaning - Delete Tweets and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Find and delete your old, unwanted tweets with one simple touch Clean your twitter history and prevent them being archived Some reviews; • Oct 9, 2019 by Tysexii516 Worked great Did it’s job • Aug 28, 2018 by iSweden Lätt att städa gratis

1. How to Delete a Tweet on iPhone. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone. Enter your username and passcode, then tap Log in. Skip this step if you have already signed in. Tap your account profile icon in the bottom right and choose Tweets from the top left corner. Find the tweet from the list and tap it. Feb 27, 2019 · A Twitter account can be deleted through the Twitter website or through the Twitter app on your smartphone. Follow the steps below to delete your Twitter account through the website or app. Deleting your account from the desktop website. Navigate to the Twitter website. Select the circular profile icon, found in the top-right corner of the display.

Mar 27, 2020 · Delete Twitter: How to delete your Twitter account or take a break from the site. Twitter can be useful, informative, and − whisper it − even pretty uplifting at times.

Jul 01, 2020 · Twitter / @YourAnonCentral. This has been a week that TikTok—the Chinese viral video giant that has soared under lockdown—will want to put quickly behind it. The ByteDance-owned platform was Having said these, let’s see how to delete your Twitter search history on your smartphone. Deleting Twitter Search History. Here are the few steps to deleting the search history: Launch the Twitter app, and click on the magnifying glass icon at the base of the smartphone. When the Search bar appears showing “Search Twitter“, you’ll Hello, it's not really a Twitter app problem. It's the all app list in Windows 10. I'd rather not recreate my user account and configurations. I'd just like to know what registry keys or directories, etc control what gets listed in the Start menu All Apps list. Please let me know, thanks! Jun 09, 2013 · Nope. Trust me if you were to delete the app your account(s)would still exist on the web. You would still be able to access you accounts from a computer for example. I have done the same thing, your accounts will be fine