Coronavirus Crisis Vindicates the FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Rollback In Europe, meanwhile, heavy-handed regulation is forcing internet providers to throttle video speeds.

Oct 01, 2019 FCC revisited: Net neutrality changes are misleading and Dec 13, 2017 Does the FCC Actually Care About Net Neutrality? | PCMag May 16, 2017 Appeals court upholds net neutrality rules but provides Oct 01, 2019

NYT defeats Ajit Pai as judge orders FCC to provide net

FCC rejects calls from cities for more time to respond to Apr 21, 2020

Before Net Neutrality Eats the World (Part 4): FCC Order

Background on the Current Fight for Net Neutrality. In January 2014, as a result of a Verizon lawsuit, the D.C. District Court struck down the FCC’s net neutrality rules. While the Court made clear that the FCC has authority over internet access generally, it found that the open internet rules specifically were built on a flawed legal foundation. Net Neutrality Goes Back To Court : NPR Feb 01, 2019 FCC's revoking of net neutrality largely backed by appeals Oct 01, 2019 Court mostly OKs FCC's net neutrality repeal but lets