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The Freedom Rides of 1961 add the 1961 Freedom Riders stops onto that same map (using a different color.) This will provide a visual of the Jim Crow laws and culture that were at play in each state layered with the stops of the Journey of Reconciliation and the Freedom Rides of 1961. This will also provide a visual of the Project Freedom Ride – Connecting unwanted, abandoned dogs Project Freedom Ride’s mission is to be the connection between unwanted dogs in high kill areas of Texas and loving families in the Pacific Northwest. By provid ing our Texas Rescue Partners with funding assistance, networking, and adoption assistance we are able to help increase the number of lives saved by giving them a second chance with

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It accompanied a feature story on the Freedom Rides of 1961 and maps the rides referred to in the AP story. Note that the map shows only a few of the more than 60 Freedom Rides that criss-crossed the South between May and November of 1961. For more information: Books: Freedom Rides Web: Freedom Rides. Submissions Policy

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