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Mar 21, 2016 · After that, we played with KitM, which is spyware, and LaoShu, a RAT. Then we analyzed Mask, a sophisticated malware that was used for cyber espionage. We also looked into CoinThief malware that steals bitcoins from the infected machine and the WireLurker malware that is capable of infecting iPhone devices connected to the compromised machine. Nov 06, 2014 · A pernicious piece of Apple-focused malware reared its ugly head this week.It may have infected as many as 356,000 users. All are based in China, where the malicious WireLurker code was hidden The malware, which they have dubbed "WireLurker," can infect even non-jailbroken iOS devices through trojanized and repackaged OS X applications, and is the first known malware family that can infect installed iOS applications similar to how a traditional virus would, the network security firm explained. Nov 06, 2014 · The third version of WireLurker was able to "infect" non-jailbroken iOS devices with an app that was signed with an Apple enterprise provisioning certificate -- but it wasn't malware. It was a WireLurker is a family of malware targeting both macOS and iOS systems. The malware will infect a Mac device then laid dormant, waiting for an iOS device to be connected by USB. It will then download itself to the iOS device through the USB cable.

WireLurker malware threatens to destroy a key Apple advantage The mere perception that WireLurker poses a credible threat to Macintosh and iOS systems would be a huge blow to Apple.

WireLurker: A New Age In Mac OSX, iOS Malware Nov 06, 2014 Suspected Wirelurker iOS Malware Creators Arrested in China

Like the latest WireLurker, this variant tries to infect jail-broken iOS devices with the WireLurker iOS malware. This version of the malware also installs the sfbase.dylib tweak to the iOS file system, which is an earlier version of the malicious iOS binary file mentioned in our earlier report.

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